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a C library


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This project was separated from myzhang1029/admin, which brought me to the world of C, in the computer room of Primary School Attached to Yunnan Normal University(in Yunnan, China), (hiding from the teacher), in 2015 when I was 11. I keep some older versions back then (not all of them) in hist directory.
I just wanted to use these start-up projects to check out some C skills, tools and community integrations.
So therefore don’t laugh at these projects, because they’re from a beginner.

The slib is not an acronym, it’s just a name. It is a portable programming interface library, a library written in C, and for any usage.


If you are using MinGW and you don’t have MSYS, try:

 > make -f Makefile.mingw PREFIX=prefix
 > make install 

Otherwise you can use configure or CMake Just like usual GNU software do.

This autoconf-like script should run on all POSIX systems, supporting GNU make and BSD make as far as I know:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

CMake(You could run make/ninja distclean!):

$ mkdir build (optional)
$ cd build
$ cmake .. -G Ninja
$ ninja install


You could see sbltool.c for a rough idea.


if you want to contribute to this project, please start a pull request.